Yapishine Lotion



Yapishine Lotion

Yapishine Lotion to make your skin gentle and fair.


Yapishine Lotion non oily skin lightening lotion, with its special actives helps to reduce blemishes and lightens and brightens skin tones. Yapishine Lotion has got multiple actives which work at multiple levels to give you the glow that matters. Yapishine Lotion has got balance safety and efficacy with help of its botanical extracts and special skin lightening actives. Yapishine Lotion has also got skin vitamins and UV filters for nourishment and protection. Yapishine Lotion can be used all over body including face. Regular use of Yapishine Lotion will help to achieve the skin complexion most people desire only!!

The results which you deserve

Yapishine Lotion is available in 60 ml pack.


Kojic acid ,dipalmitate,Liquorice Ext.Nicotinamide
Vitamin C,Glycolic acid,Lactic acid,Bearberry Ext.Mulberry Ext.


It has been used for generalize pigmentation, melasma. ?It is used for the treatment of blemishes,body Polishing,


Apply an even layer over the affected area twice daily. Massage thoroughly until lotion is absorbed completely into the skin. Apply once in the evening and once at night for best results. Long term treatments with any product should be monitored by a medical professional.

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