Dry & Rough Skin, Cracked Heal, Calloused Skin, Foot Care 

Product Type- Cream
Net Weight- 50 Gm


Xoridum™Cream For Dry & Rough Skin, Exfoliates & Moisturizes, Helps To Soften The Cracked And Xerotic Areas,  Exfoliate The Dead And Dry Skin .

Xoridum™Cream  Cracked Heal , Calloused Skin, Hydrates The Skin




Cetylated Fatty Ester Complex :10%

(Cetyl myristoleate,  Cetyl myristate,  Cetyl laureate,  Cetyl palmitate & Cetyl oleate)

Hydrovance  (Hydroxy Ethyl Urea):10%,  Olive Oil: 2.00%, Ammonium Lactate 3%,

Glycolic acid: (15%), Vit-E 0.25%,  Zinc Oxide Micronised, Allantoin, Emulsifying wax.


Xoridum™Cream-Helps To Heal Xerosis On Elbows And Knees

Foot Care , Elbow , Rough & Dry Cracked Heal , Calloused Skin Skin Conditions


Wash affected areas and pat dry. Apply Cream (1-2 gms) to affected areas and rub in. when absorbed. Apply once more. For best Results, apply to feet at night and wear socks to bed. Then wash off after 8 Hours. Apply as Needed.


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