Vitimed Plus Lotion


  • Vitimed plus lotion is a 9 in 1 solution,
  • Vitimed plus lotion is a pigment regulating formulation which is intended to promote epidermal pigmentation and improve the appearance of vitiligo. This innovative formulation contains a rich blend of botanical antioxidants which helps in maintaining the free radicals balance in the melanocytes. It accelerates the skin pigmentation and restores the melanin levels in the skin. helps in growth of melamine and works on skin pigmentation. A novel treatment for the management of Vitiligo.


  • * Rich in antioxidants * Supports melanin regulation * Non-greasy gel * Helps improve vitiligoWKPepMelit +Palmitoyl Tertapeptide-20+Euk-134+ Madecassoside + Khellin Extraxt + Cucumis Melo Extract+L-Phenylalanine+Nigella Sativa Ext.+European bearbarry root Ext.


  • Vitimed plus is specially designed formulation for improving the appearance of vitiligo. Madecassoside is a smart, powerful and highly purified active and one of the most prominent molecules which brings relief to Sensitive, dry and photodamaged skin.
    Palmitoyl Tertapeptide-20 Stimulates melanogenesis and reduces oxidative stress. Cucumis melo extract is rich in antioxidants which is very effective in Vitiligo treatment. This combination of efficient actives targets the melanin from all directions to give the best possible results.

Product type: Lotion

Net Weight: 6 ml Roll on pack.


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