Yapisoft Mouistrizer Cream


The incomparable & the unbeatable maximum moisturizing Cream. The optimum effect in severely dry skin condition. It offers additional silky & supple feel to the skin.

It is available in 100 g.  pack.

Damaged barrier function due to deficiency of skin lipids is the main cause for many skin imperfections and skin problems, including dry skin. YAPISOFT Moistrizing Cream contains both physiological and non physiological lipids (used in western country products). So, YAPISOFT plays an important role to re-establish skin?s barrier function (skin?s defense system) through replenishing skin?s protective YAPISOFT in adequate quality. It has non-greasy and non-comedogenic formula. It is ideal for all skin type including sensitive skin.



Hyaluronic acid, Ceramide, Squalene, Lecithin,Natural butters-?Shea butter, Kukum butter helps healing faster,Essential oils- Olive oil, Avocado oil,Sodium PCA.


Used for dry skin and re-establishment of skin barriers.


Apply to Every morning and evening cleaned face, neck and decollate


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