Yapiglow Tablet


Sun protection, Skin Lightening And Antiaging

Product Type:- Tablet
Packing – 1 Strip in 1 box (Per strip for 10 Tablet.)


Yapi Glow tablet  has antioxidant properties for skin lightening & anti-aging benefits. It protects from aging in all skin layers and gives the ultimate skin lightening effect. Provides skin protection against photo aging and melanogenesis. Effectively whitens the pigmented skin and whitens the UV-induced hyper pigmentation.

Per strip for 10 Tablet.

Packing – 1 Strip in 1 box


L Glutathione, Citrus Sinensis(L.), Osbeck (Fruit Extract), Astaxanthin, Vitamin C, Lycopene, Lutein, Green Tea Extract, Nicotinamide, Zinc & Pomegranate extract,Nicotinamide,Lycopene,Lutein & Vitamin C


Skin tanning , Antiaging


Recommended Usage:- Take one tablet in a day Or as Recommended by Health Care Professional.


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