Cloyap Calamine Lotion



Cloyap Calamine Lotion  instant cooling effect is best for oily skin with aloe vera.

For hydrating feel. High concentration of occlusive agents locks in moisture for longer – longer time. helping to soften,with its balanced formulation, offers soothing-cooling action and gives relief in skin condition like prickly heat, insect bites, itching, sunburn, nappy rash etc. Use 2 to 3 times daily for best results offers mild sunscreen action. Cloyap Calamine Lotion has Excellent spread ability. It offers instant cooling effect

Used in inflammation, itching and scaling of psoriasis, eczema and Ichthyosis.

Packing : 75 ml


Calamine     8%

Aloe Veera 10.0 %

Light Lequid Paffin  10.0%

Vitamin E  ,Silicon oil,Glycerin



Use for bad skin condition like urticaria, prickly heat, insect bites, itching, sunburn, nappy rash, chickenpox, scabies,


Clear affected area of the skin then applies Caladew lotion gently on that area.


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